Empowering your real estate decisions


Impartial Advice

How do you turn a pretty dry subject into something interesting? The promise of monetary savings? The use of good looking people to promote the product? Or in our case, just a simple suggestion that we can make you laugh while you learn about the single biggest financial decision you will make in your lifetime. No pressure.

Buying and selling property is not something that many people do regularly. It’s a transaction that some of us will do two or three times in our life. It is also often the biggest investment we make during our lives. There’s a lot of information out there but it’s hard to navigate through all the advice.  

We realized the need to share simple impartial advice. We believe there are four things that can truly change your buying or selling experience: money, choosing an Agent, house choice and knowing the value of your home

And then we realized that we may be losing you by now. So we thought we’d throw in an anecdote. I had a friend who came to California looking to buy a single family residence. The friend asked around for a real estate agent recommendations. Someone suggested that they knew a real estate agent who focussed on the right area. The friend met the agent, told the agent what they were looking for an off they went to look at houses. They bought a house. Year later, they sold that house and bought another. The agent made over $100k in commission. So what’s the problem?